Pinterest food…

So lately I’ve been rummaging through pinterest hunting down tasty recipes that don’t involve chocolate. which I gave up for lent… I know many give up chocolate but I would like to be able to eat desserts and snacks and tea and biscuits with friends without constantly refusing things because apparently EVERYTHING tasty involves coco!!!! So I eventually found this recipe on pinterest and it worked! haha I have attempted apple fries, apple pies, custard tart, cherry bakewell, etc. but I felt they were perfect for dessert but not biscuity enough for the odd sweet craving and spot of tea. I then found a peanut butter crackle cookie recipe and YUM!! Just perfect ❤

They are super yummy and I now have an actual cookie jar 😀 so happy!!
To Make them all you need is to visit!! So simple, yet so tasty and if you must there’s no harm in adding a few chocolate chips here and there, happy baking!
xox Much love Holly xox

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