Focaccia Bread

So fancy I couldn’t even pronounce the name! We had leftover Camembert from Christmas a few weeks back, so I re-created our Christmas starter with a different type of bread…
That was the Christmas starter I made with a BBC brioche recipe and it was melt-in-your-mouth scrumptious! It even turned out well… as this was my first try. I know experimental baking on Christmas day is risky, we had a back up starter as my Mother was banking on my failure (in a cautious way not like she was hoping, ha ha).


Here is the Focaccia you’ve been waiting for…
I used an easy recipe for this bake. Also another trial bread. I sort of got hooked by the first one actually succeeding! Paul Hollywood makes bread baking sound like you need a PHD, and I am not the cleverest bunny in the burrow. 
This Camembert came with chopped chorizo… SUPER TASTY! I sprinkled it over the bread as well as the cheese. The actual bread was lovely with just the right ammount of herbs; very light and airy, with a soft crisp top.
Seriously guys, you don’t even have to prove it overnight; it takes like 3 hours to make, with an hour break in the middle. Perfect if you’re spending the day chilling at home. ❤
Oh it was so scrummy!
xox Much love Holly xox

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