Review on ‘Drawing Blood’

Today in my CTS lesson we looked at the BBC video Drawing Blood. A short documentary on British Satire.

We were then given 5 minutes to choose an aspect of the film and write 100 words on it, here is the outcome.

This film depicts all cartoons to be negative; hinting that the cartoonists are acting as ‘moral bullies’. The views of politicians and cartoonists alike are expressed equally and unbiased. Lord Baker seems to act in a motherly manner, addressing current politicians on how to handle satire, implying they should ‘laugh off’ the sketches, otherwise the bullies will win. Therefore politicians learn to love their caricatures; in turn offending the cartoonists because they believe they are the elite, pulling the politicians off their ego podiums, down to their proper place. This leaves me to question, are cartoonists the ‘grounders’ for British politicians or are they the ones whose heads need deflating?

Comment your answer, I’d love to hear your opinion!


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