It’s Wednesday!! Which usually means we’ve past the toughest two days of the week, looking onwards and upwards to our beloved weekend. Except for me, my weekend is immediately followed by a presentation of my project to the entire class (all 112 of them), so I can only look forward to a weekend of late nights, no sleep and a lot of work. I really wish it was Monday. :O okay, I may take that back. All I want is more time.

To be honest, I’m obviously not using my time well, (writing a blog post at 9:45).

Anyway, I’ll explain this project a little more in the hope I feel more relieved and inspired to continue…

Electricity is the title. We were asked to explore the topic of electricity and if you follow my instagram you will have seen some of my illustrations from the project. The emphasis of the project is to be based on our own individual curiosity about electricity or any subtopics based around electricity. So we are encouraged to “Get involved and enjoy, because it will be ELECTRIFYING!”

With my project I almost instantly (after about a week of sitting on it) decided I would make a really awesome electric dress/ clothing range… apparently this has been done 😐 Moving on I decided to just get stuck in and make something from wire – it’s kind of electrical, right – I made a little wire lightbulb, and another, and another, and another… untill I had 30 wire lightbulbs… and nothing to do!



I made a little wire lightning bolt, and another, and another… That was it; I only made three of those…

Then I decided to make a film.

A short film.

A very short film.

To do this I would need a story, and a cast. I will post more when the film is finished and there will be plenty of photographs. Till then I leave you with a little snippet of the filming…

The Lonely Lightbulb


Lonely lightbulb finds a friend!



little did they know about the evil angry magnet lurking in the dark, waiting to strike!

For more behind the scenes footage follow my instagram!

xox Much love Holly xox

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