Easter Holidays!

So I’ve been super busy the past two weeks and this is some of what my friend, Lissa, and I got up to the other week in London. (BTW – I painted pineapples on my nails!)


Cow Girl vibes ✌

We decide to begin our day by visiting the London Dungeons, but we weren’t allowed to take photographs, and it was WAY too busy by South Bank, being Easter Holiday etc…


Then off to number 10!


A lot less busy! ❤


Liss ‘vlogging’ about seeing Nigel Farage – It wasn’t even him!


The architecture was so beautiful.


A scrummy Five Guys Tea before heading home to chill.


Like REALLY scrummy!


Oh it was so tasty ❤ I said we should go, really just to try out the magical drinks machine where you can get SOOOOOOOO many sodas 😮 I would definitely recommend the Cajun Fries ❤

All in all a great day! Will fill you in on our other Easter Holiday trips soon.

xox Much love Holly xox

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