Summary – First year

So my first year of university has come to an end, and I have spent the whole day sleeping… In one year I have discovered what it’s like to be “stressed” for the first time ever; caught every cold going, including developing tonsilitis (also for the first time ever) – btw not fun and no ice-cream ; spent what seems to total up to about a week with no sleep; then finally I look back and think “THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD YEAR I CAN”T WAIT TO DO IT ALL AGAIN IN OCTOBER!”

I must be insane.


view from uni

But I got to spend a year with London on my doorstep, painting, drawing, sculpting, photographing, filming, collaging, sewing, designing, thinking, dreaming, creating. I’ve learnt so much about art and illustration, along with learning about people and culture. In one year I have successfully completed 5 in-depth art projects, about areas of London, museum artifacts, cultural and attitude differences between my home in Liverpool and London, electricity and wire animation, and political marketing techniques. As well as writing an essay on the line between political satire and bullying.

I loved every moment (except the ones where I was ill, but I’m over that now) Such a good year!


You’d think it was finished and I can now chill and enjoy summer… You’re half right.

‘Summer Project’

Yes those two dreaded words that mean “Have a great summer BUT illustration stops for no man.” It’s true, the whole time, from choosing art as an A-level, I’ve been warned, “Art never stops.” , “Art projects are never finished” , there’s always more work, another project, practice, draw, practice, draw, practice. Yet I still get excited every day that something cool is going to happen, and I get to make it šŸ˜€

I’m definitely insane.

The Summer Project is simple, 1 illustration a day, that sums up that day. Should be good fun, especially looking back on three months of drawings and going, “That was my summer.” ā¤ I also get to visit exhibitions and create mood boards. Finally I have to create a CV. So not so bad. However, that was just studio work, for contextual and theoretical studies I have to read up on the subject options I chose – ForecastingĀ Futures and Creative Enterprise – Ā which are 6 books/ texts. On top of that I have decided to take it upon myself to write at least 100 words a day (suggested by my tutor to improve my essay writing).



xox Much love Holly xox

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