Day out in Chester!

chester 1

Well, I’ve finally managed to create my Chester collage; including what interested me most in Chester. It had been YEARS since I had last visited Chester, all that was left in my mind was a boring racecourse *YAWN*, so you can imagine my surprise when we walked out of the car park to be transported back in time! This lovely city full of history and tradition, was not what I had recalled.


Our first stop was the beautiful cathedral ❤ This courtyard / garden was my favourite part of the building.

chester 2

So I illustrated the fountain, telling the story of ‘the Woman at the Well’, where Jesus offers a woman who was outcast by others, that if she trusts Him she will never be thirsty again.

IMG_5389  IMG_5426

Next we took a sight-seeing tour…



chester 3

I loved this central clock so much, I had to draw it, surrounded by beautiful Tudor buildings 🙂




chester 4

Loved the tour bus! So good, and very reasonable price! Especially because there are only 3 of these buses left in the world, and this is the only road safe one!!! That’s one totally original tour.


Chester collage

Here is the finished piece… I still like them all individually, though this pretty much sums up the whole day out ❤  Visit Chester!! Well worth it, lots of lovely shops and many interesting sights and museums, along with a racecourse (if you like that sort of thing). Hope you have all had a magnificent summer!

xox Much love Holly xox

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