My name is Muffin, English Muffin

Continuing on my journey to master bread, I’ve baked MUFFINS! Which are a strong contender to pancakes when it comes to my breakfast. I LOVE them!!! I don’t really love making them though XD aha… Its worth a try eh?



  • 300g Strong Bread Flour
  • 6g Fast-Action Yeast
  • 6g Salt
  • 15g Caster Sugar
  • 15g Softened Butter, in small pieces
  • 1 medium Egg, lightly beaten (:O I forgot to do that)
  • 170ml Milk, can add up to 30ml extra if needed
  • some Oil for greasing
  • 15g Semolina or Polenta, plus extra for dusting


Place the flour in a big bowl. Add the yeast to one side and the salt to the other (they’re not baking friends).


Put in the butter, egg and milk, then mix all the ingredients together making a soft dough…


Tip out of the bowl onto a lightly floured surface, knead for 10 mins


Or until soft, smooth and stretchy.


Place in a greased bowl, cover, and leave to double in size (takes an hour if you have somewhere warm. I forgot and the heating was off… not good)


Dust your work surface with a mix of flour and semolina/polenta. Roll the dough to around 2.5cm thick.


Sprinkle two trays with half of the semolina/polenta.


Cut out the muffins – use your spacing wisely – with a 9cm straight sided cutter (try a square I’m curious [don’t] )


Move them unto the trays and dust the tops with the remaining semolina/polenta. Leave to prove for a further 30 mins.


Preheat a griddle, or a heavy based pan on a hob with low heat. Griddle/fry/cook the muffins for 5-6 minutes on each side (10 – 11 mins in total)


I ended up confused and worried mine weren’t cooked, turns out they do continue to bake when you take them off the heat… This part took me WAY longer than it probably should have, I’m putting it down to inexperience, and fear of a raw muffin! HA

IMG_6306 IMG_6311 IMG_6312 IMG_6314 IMG_6316 IMG_6318

Hope this is helpful / interesting, if not just making me hungry again…

xox Much love Holly xox

Original Recipe >> <<

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