What Does recognition of authorship mean to producers?

Over the past week or so I’ve been looking at Copyright and Creative Commons (my preffered method). Now I will write about what it means to a producer, author, maker, artist etc… to have recognition for what they produce. As a maker/ illustrator I would be upset if my work was used and I wasn’t creditied, even if it’s as simple as tagging my twitter/instagram handle. Perhaps its a sign of respect or an appreciation, acknowledgement of the thinking and time put into the piece. Maybe just a common curtesy from one designer to another.

Really thinking about it makes me wonder if others would feel the same. I assume most creatives, like me, would be offended or consider it rude to not acknowledge the creator of an image, and if the author doesn’t want recognition then they wouldn’t declare the image there’s in the first place. It is much more difficult to keep this under control on the internet, and I have seen many high-end brands, and large cooperations credit the wrong person, creating havock made by the artists followers who see the wrong, even if they’re not producers themselves.

People feel a moral injustice when a piece of work recieves no/wrong recognition. This I find very interesting. It’s like when we create something, it’s our child, it has part of us in it, it reflects some of what we are; for our work to then be copied or used without our consent or even a mere nod to ownership and authorship would be upsetting. I think people who care know it is wrong, and thankfully with the world of scocial media it is becoming more apparent to people in and outside of the creative world that recognition should be a right.

Just a thought, eh?

xox Much love Holly xox

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