It’s so fluffy

I’m currently doing a project of crazy fashion, and one of my favorites was fur shoes, so, I made these…


  • an old pair of shoes – Primark £6 in 2014 spring
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • 1 meter of fluff ribbon – sold in any haberdashery £1.50
  • 15 mins

fluff shoes 7

Take the glue gun and, starting at the back, glue along the side of the shoe. Quickly attach the fluff in the same manner. (you do have to be fast-ish as the glue sets quickly).

Do the same for the rest of the shoe, till you get back to the beginning. I found it helped to glue in small staged because it gives you more control of the fluff, and the glue was less likely to dry out.

When the whole perimeter is glued, cut the fluff with scissors and use a blob of glue to secure the end to the shoe.

fluff shoes 10

Repeat the process on the second shoe.

❤ DONE ❤

fluff shoes 9fluff shoes 5fluffy shoesfluff shoes 6fluff shoes 2fluff shoes 4.JPGfluff shoes 3fluff shoes 8

Wear them errywhere!!

I am so happy with my new and improved shoes 😀 The only downside is, you can’t wear them in the rain. It only takes like 10 -15 mins to gather your things and glue! If you want to upgrade your shoes and have run out of ideas, this is definitely the way to go. Fur has been all over the catwalk this year and it’s beginning to turn up on the hight street. So I’m going to join in the super soft, super cosy trend.

If you try it too, please send me a pic / tweet or a snapchat @illustratedbake . I’d LOVE to know ❤

xox Much love Holly xox

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