This week I’ve been trialling some new hair styles I found on pinterest but never got around to actually doing them. What I find about most pinterest hair styles is that they all begin with blow drying and curling your hair, or just the first part?! I for one don’t have time to blow dry my hair, unless its a super special occasion! My hair is thick, naturally curly / frizzy and reasonably long so it takes FOREVER to blow dry and style. I chose three styles that are shown on straight hair to see how they would look with curls.

This is my hair – no style


Style 1


Take two sections from the front of your hair and plait them, softly, either side.


I liked how this turned out, however the plaits aren’t as noticeable against messy curls.


Style 2


Take one strip of hair from the centre front and french braid it. Secure with elastic and repeat 4 more times, two on each side (like shown).


This I also liked, I think this looks just as good with curly hair, but it would be even better if my hair was pink!


Style 3


Take two large sections of hair from the front, twist into a small bun on each side. Secure with elastic and pins.


This is my fave! I think it looks just as cute with the curls and I feel like a kitten 😉

Definitely worth trying these out, I think braids and buns are going to become bigger trends so get in there first!

xox Much love Holly xox

P.S. If you try these, or have any styles to share leave a comment/ tweet me @illustratedbake

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