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Last term I was given a project to create an A3 book about any story of my choice. If you remember, (probably not, I wouldn’t 😛 ) my publication was about crazy fashion trends :O 5 crazy trends… since then I’ve found 5 more, so it’s 10 in total! Also we’ve been given other projects that I’ll tell you about soon. Here are some pictures of my sketchbook, my ideas and research leading up to the creation of my book.

The first 5 being

  • Shoulder robing
  • Oversized phonecase
  • Ripped jeans
  • Fur shoes
  • Shirts worn backwards


I used the sewing machine to sew into some fur.


This is what it looks like underneath. Though it’s kind of cool, I don’t feel it illustrates the fur shoe trend quite as well as I’d like. Perhaps the word shoe written in fur rather than on fur.


Like this, but which one is better?


Curved or


squared? I think squared is better, just because it looks more crisp and modern than the rounded font.


Drawing the objects in question to gain a sense of proportion, a feel for the trends I’m trying to portray. It’s not easy for me, thinking of new ways to adapt / create a font, I find it helps to study the form first then I can begin to think of how to re-create it better.


This ‘Vogue’ font, inspired the ‘Ripped Jeans’ design. I chose this because it is a well recognised font, that is easily read and quite uniform. Like neat cut jeans, that have a hole ripped into them. I created the frayed effect too emphasise the look. I feel this design is polished enough to be in the final book.

I began with just simply writing shirt backwards. However I think drawing the wrinkles into the actual font would be a more successful version; as I am told this was too much like a drawing to class as typography 🙂 . Maybe I will try using actual shirt cotton in the future?

After a LOT of hard thinking, and more help, I managed to conjure up a further 5 crazy and impractical trends.

Looking at the stars and thinking of how I could incorporate them into my design.

IMG_6691I used oil pastels as a bit of an experiment, and I am very pleased with the outcome. I love the way the texture is similar to mascara, so fitting for eyelashes! And the shape of the font also, I really love it.
IMG_6693more colour and shade trials. Trying to gather a collection to test. So far I like this font.IMG_6694

However this is sort of like ‘Vogue’ font. I don’t think this is a good choice because, even though the type is lovely, I feel a more delicate and pretty font is needed to convey a girls eye. This would be too structured.IMG_6696

I like the symmetry of two eyes, however I think this type is too heavy for the look I have in my mind. I think I’ll keep the stars and lashes, like in the first drawing.
IMG_6697Bubble nails, false nails in a round bubble shape. My thoughts on trying to illustrate them.
IMG_6698I traced my hand to see the proportions clearly. I think the word ‘Bubble’ written onto the nails would be more effective, but it has 6 letters (too many for one hand).
IMG_6699So I’ve written ‘Nails’ in bubbles instead. I like this one the most, because it is the most clear and simple design. I would think about making these into 3D bubbles to add to the impracticality of my book.IMG_6707
Drawing ❤
IMG_6709Trying out more type. Attempting to get the feel of hair, strands of hair, into the font.IMG_6710
I like the top font because you can see the hair, like braids, though it is still too structured. I will do some experiments with font and glitter placement.IMG_6719IMG_6720IMG_6721IMG_6722IMG_6723
I chose this font out of all the experiments, because I felt it represented glitter roots best, I added faint whisps to the edges of the type, trying to make it ‘hairier’ for want of a better word.

Thinking about the shape of hats, ears and type.

More experiments. Not as pretty as the first test.IMG_6713

Trying to make the font more shaped like a hat, however it was (kindly) brought to my attention it looked more like the word ‘DAB’ than HAT! So sticking with my first design, however I shall try and re-create it in felt, to give it a hat texture.IMG_6714

See-through bags, testing some plastic!IMG_6715IMG_6716

Different ways of creating the word bag. I think the plastic illustrates the fact that they’re clear very well.IMG_6717

This paper cut out for shoulder robing is my favourite because I think it is a clever way to demonstrate the look of a coat draped on your shoulders.IMG_6718

This is my plan for a front cover. Hopefully these will all look GREAT in my book! I’m so excited to share it with you as soon as it is finished!! I have more research to put up about layout design and publication ideas too. This project was due to finish before Christmas and the tutors pushed the deadline back to the 10/02/16 so I have 9 days to bind my book and place all my development into a PDF… *yawn*. Better get a move on! aha 🙂

xox Much love Holly xox

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