Future Brands

Last week in Future forecasting, we learnt about future brands and one of the examples was David Beckham. This is because he has set the trend of branding ourselves as a business. David Beckham has insured himself under a business law as if him, himself was a major company.Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 13.55.22

We then discussed ‘what is created when someone insures their body?’, the outcomes were not really that good :O Initially I thought that Mr Beckham was being smart, I mean celebrities insuring their body, or parts of, isn’t anything new. For some it makes sense. Maybe I should insure my hands because I’m an artist and I can’t have the career I want if I loose the use of my hands (especially the left one 😉 )? Or a beauty model insuring her face? It’s logical, though there are some downsides for everyone else which came to light during our class discussion. One point made was that if we were in a fire with David Beckham, would he be saved first because he has paid to insure himself? Well frankly I think NO, why should that matter, it’s whoever is most vulnerable that would be saved first. However I do think Beckham would receive the best medical treatment after being rescued, because he can afford it. Having said that, the same probably goes for all very rich people. Now I come to think of it this discussion seemed to have little to do with the future of brands!

All in all it creates a bit of a social divide that is supported by the media and therefore most of the population don’t care or don’t know.

However this is very different to the new way of thinking that is streaming into the major high street retailers. H and M have already started to recycle clothes an have a statement in their stores that by the year 2020 all the cotton in their range will com from a more sustainable source. As well as selling ‘conscious fashion’ garments in stores at present, neatly labeled with a green tag, very appropriate 😉 . They say

By working with you- our customers – and the rest of our industry, we can get to a better fashion future even faster.

H & M

Looking at Primark’s plans for the future, they seem to be swiftly following suit! Yay to greener, more ethical fashion 😀 I’m so excited for future shopping!!!

xox Much love Holly xox

P.S. H&M have a really cool webpage on their ‘sustainability report 2014’


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