News of the World :4

The final book  😀

After all the research, sketching and mock-ups I finally created my impractical book of impractical fashion trends


The front cover is a mix of my two favourite trends, the ripped jeans and fur shoes, so I thought of fur exploding out of a piece of torn denim to represent the impracticality further.


1. Struggling to keep up with your roots? Just add some sparkle!

Go with gold on a night out, or blue for indie, punk vibes. Great when paired with matching nails.


2. Now why do you wanna go and put starz in their eyes? Because it looks amazing!

Seriously, this is one great way to hide the dark circles from last night! For a glam look add medium/heavy eye make-up, or use nutral tones to keep a more natural feel.


3. Only the brave wear cute little bubbles on their nails. FACT.

Mainly because it’s a hard trend to pull off; but with the right colours, you can have lovely, sweet, adorable nails. Never use on toes. EVER.


4. Revive your old, worn out jeans by ripping them up even more!

Yes, the ripped jean has gone huge. We’re talking serious holes. Pair your ‘thigh cut out’ denims with… wait for it… more denim! Add a staple shirt for a touch of class or keep it casual with a simlpe tee and a bomber jacket.


5. I think you’re wearing your shirt wrong? No, trust me it’s cool!

This trend was all over fashion week this year. It’s a must try. Wearing your shirt back to front has never been ore acceptable! Dress it up with a pendant, and wear your necklace backwards too. Style with jeans or a one colour skirt for the perfect look.


6. Ever need an excuse to cuddle your shoes?

Fur shoes are amazing. Faux fur, of course. Team them with skinny jeans or 3/4 length skirts.


7. Shoulder robing is still in. Even Kanye is doing it!

For when wearing your coat is too boring, robe it. If you’re not sure, compare the two in the mirror. Occasionally a coat looks better worn normally, but for a super chic style, shoulder robe.


8. As if hats aren’t sweet enough already?! They added ears.

Think bunnies and bears. These cute hats are everywhere. Even some coats have hoods with ears. You can wear them with pretty much anything.


9. First it was Moschino now we all have big, crazy phone cases!

The bigger the better. Quirky phone cases are lots of fun, a good way to brighten things up. From slices of pizza to a Barbie mirror, anything goes!


10. What’s in the bag? It’s pointless when you can see right through.

Pointless, maybe, but very, very cool. Clear bags are in a range of styles, from rucksacks for hipsters, to clutch bags for the uptown girl.


The End!

My book is hand made. I screen printed all of the fonts. I’m happy with my book, however I know I could make some improvements, like using a heavier paper and writing a title for the cover. I could take it further and make a book that’s wearable or so impractical you can’t even read it. I hope you enjoyed reading about all the weird and wonderful fashion trends from SS16 London Fashion Week. Now you can try and spot the looks for AW16 in a few weeks time!


Here are some close up’s of the bespoke binding I used. After testing a range of bindings in a previous project, I came to the conclusion that I needed a strong bind (because of the ridiculous size of the book) to hold it together. So I made this style from a mix of the trials.

xox Much love Holly xox

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