10 minutes to dry curly hair


From towel dried hair to bouncy curls in under 10 minuets! Only using some curling cream and a standard hair dryer… You’d think it would take longer though I’ve timed myself a few times and it averages out about 10 mins. So when you’re running late and don’t have time to let your hair dry naturally or preform a full on straight blow dry, this is the next best thing for curly heads (probably work for beach wave style hair too) to get up and out the door in no time.


1 squeeze of curl hold cream (I use Catwalk TIGI)


Massage (I guess) into your hair by scrunching it up with your hands, making sure it’s all rubbed in.




Tip your head upside down and blow dry fast until nearly all dry.


Preferably with a diffuser, however I don’t have one so I just scrunch it with my hands. Should only take like 5 – 7 mins!


All done now you can run for your bus!


Or sit around taking pictures of yourself like me 😀 ha! Hope you’ve all had a great week and this is somewhat helpful. Curly hair can be tricky to control so I thought I’d do this for all you confused curly heads out there! Love your hair ❤

xox Much Love Holly xox

P.S. I’ll be heading down to LFW tomorrow to do some illustrating so follow me on Insta and Snapchat @illustratedbake if you want to see London’s streetstyle!

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