#ss16 inspired prints

LCC Amy's Group - Fashion Design 1

I have a been working (SO MUCH) on a new collaboration project with Denby Potteries. Well it’s probably been two projects the way our tutor has planned it. We were tasked to come up with a design based around the theme of occasions; however the plans were changed by UNI and we were told to go out and experience things. We began to visit different places, galleries, the countryside, city backstreets, little parades etc… Ernest [@xrnzz] and I thought it would be good to include a relation to current trends in fashion that we predict will filter down into home wear within in the next year or so. We took inspiration from some of the latest major catwalk shows (well, what where the latest in January – as fashion month is drawing to an end at the moment) and this is what we came up with.

LCC Amy's Group - Fashion Design 2

Xrnzz design…

LCC Amy's Group - Fashion Design 3

My design…

LCC Amy's Group - Fashion Design 4

Colour co-ordinating and matching our designs together. We wanted to have two separate designs that reflected the shows we saw and the future of prints, along with colours taken from current high street fashion. We hoped to create a colour matching, patten clashing event.

LCC Amy's Group - Fashion Design 5

– Some examples of how our designs may look on dinning ware –

I really enjoyed making these and designing clashing prints ❤ However they don’t reflect Denby as a company of tradition and timelessness. So unfortunately you can’t buy them as a plate set… I still would if I saw them in a shop tho 😉

xox Much love Holly xox

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