LFW AW16 Day 1

As fashion month draws to a close I suppose I’d better tell you all about my time at London Fashion Week this February just passed. I had such a great day, my friend Xrnzz and I went together to see if we could sketch and photograph some street style.

 Turned up in Brewer Street, Soho (LFW’s new location) and Labrinth was there, just chillin’ on the side of the street! I was beside myself. Literally. No joke.

After about 10 minuets of what must have been really obvious glancing and quietly freaking out, Xrnzz and I went over to say hi, and he let me get a picture with him 😀 Genuinely so happy!

  Then we decided to hang around some more to take a look at what the cool kids where wearing ❤

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 23.17.46

@Hannahlouisef was looking SUPER cool that day (as always), and I managed to give her this little illustration of her in the AMAZING pink bomber jacket she paired with a cute starred bag ❤


Xrnzz’ #OOTD (love the shirt)

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 23.27.07

Some quick illustrations of street style. I really likes this ❤ jacket on the right, because even though it was home-made this girl still made it look super cool!

Now here is my #OOTD


Top – Primark | Dress – Top Shop | Bag – Acessorize | Shoes – River Island

I also wore a faux fur body warmer – H&M (well it was cold!)


Then we stumbled upon the Sunglass Hut, who sponsor LFW and had a cool giveaway in store! They had a photo booth where you could try on sunglasses and pose, then if you tweeted the pics you got a free MONOGRAMMED sunglasses case 😀 Lots of fun trying on shades.


Case designed by Julie Verhoven ❤ it so much!! And it has my initials on the reverse!!!


The day was full of so many things, even the fact it didn’t rain was a blessing, there’s no telling with English weather. Even though this was only my 3rd LFW, the buzz that comes from being in an environment that is so creative is great to be involved in. I recommend if you’re around London at the time, pop down and embrace the wild creativity for a while! So we ended day one with new memories and sunglass cases!

Tiles @theaptmt ❤

xox Much love Holly xox

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