The Orbit


“Welcome to the ArcelorMittal Orbit!”, was the welcome we received upon our arrival. Just under 3 weeks ago we visited the Orbit sculpture in Hackney Wick (very close to Stratford). It sits 114.5m high, right alongside the olympic stadium. Having only heard of The Orbit in passing conversation and occasionally on TV when they mention the olympics, it was quite exciting to have the chance to go to the top. I was expecting a magnificent view of the capital, with beautiful landscape scenery. Well, thats sort of what we saw.

So I made this video of our journey to, from and up the Orbit.

Though we visited on a lovely sunny day with clear skies, we could see for miles. The area we were surrounded by seemed dismal. There were lots of workmen, busy doing their jobs, but you could tell it would be a lonely place past 6 o’clock. With nothing to do around for miles but shop in Westfield, there was something odd about the whole area. Like a lingering of Olympia. An empty atmosphere that longed to be filled again.

xox Much love Holly xox

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