Collaborative project :4

Holly Surrey Dinner Plate (2).jpg

Nearer final design concept…

Holly Jones Collaborative Project -11

When they mentioned mark making so much I began to worry. What did they want from me? What did they think I was doing? Did they assume my drawings where digital? Everything I drew was hand done, none on the computer. So I tried painting with different things like twigs and leaves… However my tutor said I still wasn’t ‘free’ enough, that my ┬áimages where too constructed and planned. My aim to overcome this is to do more experimentation (yup even more)

Holly Jones Collaborative Project -12

Denby said this was a good effort. It’s so difficult to understand what they want from you, how you should work and what they’re used to when you’ve never even spoken to them over the phone, let alone face to face, where you can see their process and how they explain things to each other. I feel like I’m speaking a completely different language. Anyway, they told me to focus more on the blue as their traditional blue range is their most popular.Holly Jones Collaborative Project -13

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