Wake Up Call – Video 1


I’ve had this project for a while, it has 3 out comes. 

  1. A booklet of inspirations and plans for the future of our career.
  2. A video documenting the way we thing and how we work.
  3. A professional website, business cards etc…

In this post I’m going to give you a sneak peek into my film plans! (If you follow me on snapchat – @illustratedbake – you may have seen some of these before)


Basically we have to create a moving image, film, video, animation, stop motion, whatever you wish that portrays yourself. It can be films of your work, a documentary of your life, thinks you find interesting, as long as it reflects who you are as an individual. I’ve decided to make a film of what life is like through my eyes, my daydreams ❤

If the images above are what you have to go on, you can expect lots of ‘girly’ and ‘happy go lucky’ scenes including glitter, bubbles, petals, candy floss. Oh, and me. Having a great time just playing really, ha! ^.^


xox Much love Holly xox

photographs by : @liberty_mae


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