Wake Up Call -Website 1

This HUGE project that has been running across 2 terms, partly involves creating a professional website. Now I’m generally quite unprofessional in the way I write and overly share information *instagramming* ahem *tweeting* and all that jazz. The best route for me would be to settle for a clean, slick, neat aesthetic; something classic, yet new and individual, yet familiar.

Here are some of my inspirations so far…


Design by Xavier Bourdin – I’m drawn to this design as it is very neat, it has an intriguing layout and the menu is easy to navigate.


Design by Dogstudio – I chose this because the menu and layout style easily adaptable to different formats. I’m trying to keep in mind the versions this website will need, numerous screen sizes, mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops. How my audience views my work on each device is important.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 13.59.05.png

Park & Cube – I love this style, though unique, through the font and clean black title bars, it gives a classic Vogue feel.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 17.30.55.png

by Rezo Zero – Its just so pretty right?!

I think I am going to try and make a blend of the above with some of my own design and see how it turns out!!! Sooooo excited 😀

xox Much love Holly xox

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