Ceryth Wyn Evans – Tate Britain

Forms in Space…by Light (in Time) is the 2017 Tate Britain Commission in which we invite a contemporary British artist to respond to the Duveen Galleries at the heart of Tate Britain.

Ceryth Wyn Evans 1

Ceryth Wyn Evans 2

Ceryth Wyn Evans 3

Ceryth Wyn Evans 5

Ceryth Wyn Evans 6

Ceryth Wyn Evans 7

Ceryth Wyn Evans 8

Ceryth Wyn Evans 9


Ceryth Wyn Evans 10

I heard about this exhibiton through a friend, I saw the photos from their visit and just felt an instant connection with the neon lines; flowing and expressive used in response to a space which architecture is made of straight lines and semi circles (Tate Britain). This is the core of my project, it really connects with my intentions and the brief we were given, “to tell a story of a location through visual means”. I just felt so inspired by the visit, to continue with my line drawings. The way the lights where presented and hung gave an feeling of movement and explosion; I took these values away and thought about how I could use them in my work.

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