London Zoo – Evaluation


I’m surprisingly proud of this project. I think the final prints and sculptures came out really professionally. This is something I would be proud to place in my portfolio. Mainly because it is interestingly beautiful. I love the wire technique and how when paper wraps around the wire in the print it prints everything, not just the lines that we see when we look at the wire, but the curves and twists in the finishing also. I love the contrast between the plain emboss and the inked emboss. Personally I prefer the plain because I feel the lack of a black definition helps the paper to continue representing an air of fragility about the animal.

Zoo Final Piece 24

Taking this project further, I would represent it as a hanging instillation. One you could walk through to appreciate both sides of the prints and sculptures. Arranged in rows of wire, then embossed paper, then the inked print. With a column for each creature. And carefully lit to create shadows of the animals.

Zoo Final Piece 69

I thought about having a wire sculpture instillation where the wires are lit in such a way that the shadows represent the animals daily journey in the zoo over 24hours and how much they move, how fast etc… in shadows, so there’s a restricted space movement for the lights to work with, like the animals restrictions in the zoo. This would involve studying the animals movements over a 24 hour period, however, if I wanted this to be a fair representation, I would have to monitor them over a longer period of time and then take the avarage.

I used a wire called gunmetal wire to convey how having a fence around you and being kept in a small space like that has in a way, made the strong hunting animals weak with having a constant food source and no threat from the food chain, all because the were hunted in the first place, and these Zoo’s are trying to protect them. A twisted concept that fits the process of wire sculpture, twisting.


Zoo Final Piece 60

Zoo Final Piece 17

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