Café Vert Torrefacteur Window Drawing

The beginning of this year brought new opportunities to get back to doing what I love: illustration! Particularly, illustrating for small businesses to reflect their passion and specialty. Café Vert in Bastille, Paris, is a warm and cosy café where I had been remote working during my few months living in Paris. So I was thrilled when they expressed interest in collaborating with me on a charming window project.

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Oh Crumbs!

One from the archives! Way back in 2017 (when I had spare time to spend hours experimenting baking) I made these fun doughnut letters. Since then I’ve been working in graphic design and I’m realizing I miss the hours of experimenting and creating art with food.

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London Zoo – Evaluation


I’m surprisingly proud of this project. I think the final prints and sculptures came out really professionally. This is something I would be proud to place in my portfolio. Mainly because it is interestingly beautiful. I love the wire technique and how when paper wraps around the wire in the print it prints everything, not just the lines that we see when we look at the wire, but the curves and twists in the finishing also. I love the contrast between the plain emboss and the inked emboss. Personally I prefer the plain because I feel the lack of a black definition helps the paper to continue representing an air of fragility about the animal.

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Barbican Evaluation

Overall this project has been enjoyable. I’ve loved all of the exploring and creating, although drawing 400+ images (however fast I drew them) was a mammoth task. I found the urge to refine the lines and shapes hard to resist. I don’t finish sketches often, unless I’ve decided they’re important to final pieces, but I do like my work, once it is finished, to look neat and polished.

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