Focaccia Bread

So fancy I couldn’t even pronounce the name! We had leftover Camembert from Christmas a few weeks back, so I re-created our Christmas starter with a different type of bread…
That was the Christmas starter I made with a BBC brioche recipe and it was melt-in-your-mouth scrumptious! It even turned out well… as this was my first try. I know experimental baking on Christmas day is risky, Continue reading “Focaccia Bread”

Cup cakes!

Been ages since I made a cupcake! Especially at 8:00 in the morning before “school” now UNI! :O Where has the time gone?! Rushing the icing in case I miss the train! Here is my Go-to 30 min cake recipe that, not only is fast (and gives time for washing up to keep, mum or aunt or anyone who has to share a kitchen with you, happy) they look super cute too!



8:00 – Check you have all ingredients (sugar + butter + eggs + self-raising flour + icing sugar + food colouring),            then get the scales, bowl and electric whisk out.
8:02 – Weigh two eggs, (120g). Measure butter (120g) and sugar (135g) in a bowl, whisk until just creamy.
8:04 – Add the two eggs and whisk quick.
8:05 – Weigh in flour (145g). Whisk on medium speed till flour half mixed then on high till completely mixed and          you begin to see air bubbles.
8:07 – Turn on oven to gas mark 5/ 200 degrees C (with fan). Get out cupcake tray and layout 12 cases
8:08 – Spoon batter evenly into cases.
8:10 – Put in oven on the top shelf.

8:1 1 – Wash up 😦
8:24 – Fill a mug with icing sugar and boil the kettle.
8:25 – Remove cakes from oven and onto a cooling rack.
8:26 – Pour hot water into the mug (a teaspoon at a time) to make up icing to ‘slightly runny’, then add a                 little food colouring.
8:29 – Add icing to cakes (reserve one to make crumbs) then sprinkle the cake crumbs on top.
8:30 – Box the cakes and run for the train! Or just chill

Have fun – speed baking!
xox Much love Holly xox


Mmm!!! Super tasty home made churros! Genuenly one of the easiest treats I’ve ever made. Thanks to  a combanation of ChocolateChocolateandMore and a few little online hints, I managed to make scrumtious churros first time round! 
You’ll need :
For the churros
  • 1/3 cup of butter
  • 2/3 cup of water
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 + 1/2 cups of flour
  • 1/2 tsp of cinnamon
  • 3 eggs beaten
  • quite a bit of oil for frying 
For the coating
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 2 tblsp of ground cinnamon
How to make them!

It’s much easier if you prepare everything to begin with, trust me! 
  • Pour your oil into a pan for frying, or if you have a deep fat fryer use that. Line a baking tray with kitchen roll for draining.
  •  Mix the sugar and cinnamon for coating and place in a deep dish/ plate. Also assemble a large piping bag with a star nozzle.
  • Place the butter and water in a medium-sized pan and boil till mixed. In a heat proof bowl, place the salt, flour and 1/2 tsp cinnamon. 
  • Pour the butter/water into the bowl and with a hand mixer combine them to a dough. 
  • Add the eggs and wisk until smooth.
  • Heat the oil to 350 degrees (if you don’t have a food thermometer, like me, just throw in a cube of bread, if it browns its good, if it burns it’s too hot, if it doent sizzle it’s too cold.) 
  • Be ready to drain the churros on your baking tray and remember this is a runny dough, so when you’re not using the piping bag rest it in a glass or hold it in your hand upside down, just don’t let it run! 
  • Pipe the dough into the oil whatever shape/length you want. When you see the edges become golden turn the dough until all golden/brown. 
  • Quickly remove from pan onto the tray.
  • Repeat until all the dough is used.
  • Roll the warm churros in the coating until completely covered.
Eat! ….. reccomended with hot chocolate and chocolate fudge sauce to dunk 🙂
xox Much love Holly xox

Wedding Cake

 A little preperation photo!
One of my best friends was married on the 9th of August 2014.
I had the pleasure of making the cake!!! I was sooo excited to take on such a challenge (and super nervous in case I made a mess of it and ruined the entire day) But I didn’t so hey ho they liked the cake!! There are three tiers, top – fruit cake, middle – chocolate fudge ‘brownie style’ cake, bottom – fruit cake. Each tier has a different pattern and yes the flowers are real…
The only thing I didn’t make was the Bride and Groom on the top, everything else was done by hand and the lace piping is on all four sides of each layer. Hope you like it!
xox Much love Holly xox

Giant Rice Krispie Cake!

Perfect for pretty much everything!
In a large pan, melt 1kg of butter (no substitutes)


then add 1kg of hard toffee, I used wherthers originals…


and 1kg of marshmallows… then
Mix it all together!!
Lastly just as as many Krispies as possible into a VERY large tin!!!
(this is 12″ by 12″ and 4″ deep and I still had leftovers!)
Leave overnight to cool and set.
Decorate or eat! Whatever takes your fancy 🙂
I love making this cake because its so simple, though it is deceivingly expensive, and you WILL need two people to mix the krispies in, unless you have a MASSIVE bowl and ‘Pop-Eye’ arms 😉
Happy Friday and Have a lovely weekend xx
xox Much love Holly xox

Oreo Cake!!

CAKE!!!!!!! and CHOCOLATE!!!!!
My consolation for 40 days and nights away from chocolate 🙂 I just had to make something extravagant!! Luckily I had the help of one of my best friends, Melissa, to make a 10″ Chocolate brownie fudge Oreo cake (it really was a two man job). The cake is layered: Oreo, Brownie sponge, Fudge icing, Oreo crumbed cream, more brownie cake, more fudge icing and finally topped off with more Oreo biscuits. This bake was another Pinterest craving! I’m slowly baking through my food pin board, it’s mostly chocolate or sweet desserts but one day I will have cooked them all. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter time remembering Jesus’ love for us all xx
xox Much love Holly xox
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Pinterest food…

So lately I’ve been rummaging through pinterest hunting down tasty recipes that don’t involve chocolate. which I gave up for lent… I know many give up chocolate but I would like to be able to eat desserts and snacks and tea and biscuits with friends without constantly refusing things because apparently EVERYTHING tasty involves coco!!!! So I eventually found this recipe on pinterest and it worked! haha I have attempted apple fries, apple pies, custard tart, cherry bakewell, etc. but I felt they were perfect for dessert but not biscuity enough for the odd sweet craving and spot of tea. I then found a peanut butter crackle cookie recipe and YUM!! Just perfect ❤

They are super yummy and I now have an actual cookie jar 😀 so happy!!
To Make them all you need is to visit!! So simple, yet so tasty and if you must there’s no harm in adding a few chocolate chips here and there, happy baking!
xox Much love Holly xox