Paris Day 2!

Such a cute car I couldn’t resist!!


When we got to the top all we saw was cloud…


My Outfit (Assisted by Clare Astra Morris, my most favourite fashion icon ever!!)







you can just see the Eiffel Tower!!!!


Back on the coach! (Again!!)











Most pictures were taken out of the coach window, so my apologies for any reflections and photo-bombing curtains!








OH MY DAYS made my WEEK!!!!!!!!


So much I had to do one in Black and White…


And sepia!



Just chillin, looking at one of the most iconic, romantic and beautiful buildings in the world! This was definitely the best day out of three! We had a tour of Paris and got to sketch some of Monet’s finest “the water lily’s” first hand, (he’s my favorite impressionist). I loved wearing my beret round Paris, pretending to be french, answering questions with “Oui” and greeting others with “Bonjour” saying “Merci” and any other french phrase I could think of. Later in the evening we went for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, super yummy. Then finished the evening with a river boat cruise. Perfect x
Clare Astra Morris A.K.A Rainbows And Fairydust
xox Much love Holly xox


The Ritz!!

So yesterday was my birthday!! 18 now YAY! (Super exciting) I thought I’d put up a drawing I did this time last year of the Ritz Hotel London 🙂

This pencil sketch is only about 4×3 inches so it took a lot of concentration!! This is drawn from a sketch of Stephen Wiltshire’s. 
xox Lots of love Holly xox