The First Cake Pop’s!

Merry Christmas!! Hope you have all got what you asked Father Christmas for 🙂 I got some new golden brogues!! These are pictures of a soft pastel piece I did from a Wayne Thaibauld painting. He has been an inspiration to me especially with his unique use of colour, now a days we can change the colours on photographs, but back in the 50’s he had to use his imagination, (he had tonnes of it) he was even a disney cartoonist in his early years! LOVE HIM!! His works are so bright and psychedelic yet somehow still realistic… Genious! I reccomend you google him and look at some of his works, they’re all fantastic! Happy New Year!!!
xox Much love Holly xox

Tea and Cake

My As Level Project on Afternoon tea, I made my own and photographed it then drew from the photo’s. I used pencil crayon and watercolour paints. Last week of school, looking forward to christmas soon! 🙂 YAYA!!!!!! 
xox Much love Holly xox




This is a cake I made for my friends 18th in September
As you can see it is a Minion from ‘Despicable Me’… 😀 I think I was more excited to make the cake than she was to eat it! Haha!! It’s just a simple victoria sponge underneath and ready to roll icing (fondant) on top, filled with two layers of strawberry jam (jelly) and buttercream.
xox Much love Holly xox

Have a ‘Whale’ of a time!

 This cake was for a friend of mine, it was for her Dad’s birthday. She then went on to explain how their ongoing family joke was that they nick-named him whale… therefore a Whale Cake was extremely appropriate!
I enjoyed making it, especially mixing the ocean butter cream!