Oreo Cake!!

CAKE!!!!!!! and CHOCOLATE!!!!!
My consolation for 40 days and nights away from chocolate 🙂 I just had to make something extravagant!! Luckily I had the help of one of my best friends, Melissa, to make a 10″ Chocolate brownie fudge Oreo cake (it really was a two man job). The cake is layered: Oreo, Brownie sponge, Fudge icing, Oreo crumbed cream, more brownie cake, more fudge icing and finally topped off with more Oreo biscuits. This bake was another Pinterest craving! I’m slowly baking through my food pin board, it’s mostly chocolate or sweet desserts but one day I will have cooked them all. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter time remembering Jesus’ love for us all xx
xox Much love Holly xox
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Pinterest food…

So lately I’ve been rummaging through pinterest hunting down tasty recipes that don’t involve chocolate. which I gave up for lent… I know many give up chocolate but I would like to be able to eat desserts and snacks and tea and biscuits with friends without constantly refusing things because apparently EVERYTHING tasty involves coco!!!! So I eventually found this recipe on pinterest and it worked! haha I have attempted apple fries, apple pies, custard tart, cherry bakewell, etc. but I felt they were perfect for dessert but not biscuity enough for the odd sweet craving and spot of tea. I then found a peanut butter crackle cookie recipe and YUM!! Just perfect ❤

They are super yummy and I now have an actual cookie jar 😀 so happy!!
To Make them all you need is to visit AverieCooks.com!! So simple, yet so tasty and if you must there’s no harm in adding a few chocolate chips here and there, happy baking!
xox Much love Holly xox