Paris Trip Day 1!!

Disney Land !!
















I have just come back from a school trip to PARIS!!!! I was very excited to go and my friends are probably sick of how much I went on about it!! So the first day we arrived at 2am then went to sleep till 7 to prepare for Disney 🙂 The park was packed and the castle was smaller than I expected but all the magic was there. The details on the buildings and rides were impeccable, little trodden horse shoes prints and the cobbled streets, so adorable. We stayed for the parade in the evening, the floats were immense! It really made me want to make one, they looked like 3D cartoons!! We waved and jumped at different characters to catch their attention and got a little wink off Buzz Lightyear! (Made my day) ha. Had loads of fun and ‘Day 2’ coming soon 🙂
Outfit of the day
Hat – River Island
Cardigan – Asos
Top – Primark
Scarf – Hand made
Shorts – Primark with H&M studs
Leggings – Primark
Shoes – H&M
xox Much love Holly xox