Cup cakes!

Been ages since I made a cupcake! Especially at 8:00 in the morning before “school” now UNI! :O Where has the time gone?! Rushing the icing in case I miss the train! Here is my Go-to 30 min cake recipe that, not only is fast (and gives time for washing up to keep, mum or aunt or anyone who has to share a kitchen with you, happy) they look super cute too!



8:00 – Check you have all ingredients (sugar + butter + eggs + self-raising flour + icing sugar + food colouring),            then get the scales, bowl and electric whisk out.
8:02 – Weigh two eggs, (120g). Measure butter (120g) and sugar (135g) in a bowl, whisk until just creamy.
8:04 – Add the two eggs and whisk quick.
8:05 – Weigh in flour (145g). Whisk on medium speed till flour half mixed then on high till completely mixed and          you begin to see air bubbles.
8:07 – Turn on oven to gas mark 5/ 200 degrees C (with fan). Get out cupcake tray and layout 12 cases
8:08 – Spoon batter evenly into cases.
8:10 – Put in oven on the top shelf.

8:1 1 – Wash up 😦
8:24 – Fill a mug with icing sugar and boil the kettle.
8:25 – Remove cakes from oven and onto a cooling rack.
8:26 – Pour hot water into the mug (a teaspoon at a time) to make up icing to ‘slightly runny’, then add a                 little food colouring.
8:29 – Add icing to cakes (reserve one to make crumbs) then sprinkle the cake crumbs on top.
8:30 – Box the cakes and run for the train! Or just chill

Have fun – speed baking!
xox Much love Holly xox

Wedding Cake

 A little preperation photo!
One of my best friends was married on the 9th of August 2014.
I had the pleasure of making the cake!!! I was sooo excited to take on such a challenge (and super nervous in case I made a mess of it and ruined the entire day) But I didn’t so hey ho they liked the cake!! There are three tiers, top – fruit cake, middle – chocolate fudge ‘brownie style’ cake, bottom – fruit cake. Each tier has a different pattern and yes the flowers are real…
The only thing I didn’t make was the Bride and Groom on the top, everything else was done by hand and the lace piping is on all four sides of each layer. Hope you like it!
xox Much love Holly xox

Oreo Cake!!

CAKE!!!!!!! and CHOCOLATE!!!!!
My consolation for 40 days and nights away from chocolate 🙂 I just had to make something extravagant!! Luckily I had the help of one of my best friends, Melissa, to make a 10″ Chocolate brownie fudge Oreo cake (it really was a two man job). The cake is layered: Oreo, Brownie sponge, Fudge icing, Oreo crumbed cream, more brownie cake, more fudge icing and finally topped off with more Oreo biscuits. This bake was another Pinterest craving! I’m slowly baking through my food pin board, it’s mostly chocolate or sweet desserts but one day I will have cooked them all. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter time remembering Jesus’ love for us all xx
xox Much love Holly xox
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The First Cake Pop’s!

Merry Christmas!! Hope you have all got what you asked Father Christmas for 🙂 I got some new golden brogues!! These are pictures of a soft pastel piece I did from a Wayne Thaibauld painting. He has been an inspiration to me especially with his unique use of colour, now a days we can change the colours on photographs, but back in the 50’s he had to use his imagination, (he had tonnes of it) he was even a disney cartoonist in his early years! LOVE HIM!! His works are so bright and psychedelic yet somehow still realistic… Genious! I reccomend you google him and look at some of his works, they’re all fantastic! Happy New Year!!!
xox Much love Holly xox