Cup cakes!

Been ages since I made a cupcake! Especially at 8:00 in the morning before “school” now UNI! :O Where has the time gone?! Rushing the icing in case I miss the train! Here is my Go-to 30 min cake recipe that, not only is fast (and gives time for washing up to keep, mum or aunt or anyone who has to share a kitchen with you, happy) they look super cute too!



8:00 – Check you have all ingredients (sugar + butter + eggs + self-raising flour + icing sugar + food colouring),            then get the scales, bowl and electric whisk out.
8:02 – Weigh two eggs, (120g). Measure butter (120g) and sugar (135g) in a bowl, whisk until just creamy.
8:04 – Add the two eggs and whisk quick.
8:05 – Weigh in flour (145g). Whisk on medium speed till flour half mixed then on high till completely mixed and          you begin to see air bubbles.
8:07 – Turn on oven to gas mark 5/ 200 degrees C (with fan). Get out cupcake tray and layout 12 cases
8:08 – Spoon batter evenly into cases.
8:10 – Put in oven on the top shelf.

8:1 1 – Wash up 😦
8:24 – Fill a mug with icing sugar and boil the kettle.
8:25 – Remove cakes from oven and onto a cooling rack.
8:26 – Pour hot water into the mug (a teaspoon at a time) to make up icing to ‘slightly runny’, then add a                 little food colouring.
8:29 – Add icing to cakes (reserve one to make crumbs) then sprinkle the cake crumbs on top.
8:30 – Box the cakes and run for the train! Or just chill

Have fun – speed baking!
xox Much love Holly xox

Tea and Cake

My As Level Project on Afternoon tea, I made my own and photographed it then drew from the photo’s. I used pencil crayon and watercolour paints. Last week of school, looking forward to christmas soon! 🙂 YAYA!!!!!! 
xox Much love Holly xox

Have a ‘Whale’ of a time!

 This cake was for a friend of mine, it was for her Dad’s birthday. She then went on to explain how their ongoing family joke was that they nick-named him whale… therefore a Whale Cake was extremely appropriate!
I enjoyed making it, especially mixing the ocean butter cream!