Collaborative project :1

IMG_6742This term I have been working on a pottery project that my Uni organised with the Derbyshire company Denby Potteries.

Initially we were given a brief from Denby to design a range of dinnerware on the theme of Occasions. However, our tutor altered this brief to involve another on experiences too. So after tackling two briefs, one for Denby and one for ourselves, we were split again, 3 weeks before the deadline, each group had a Denby correspondent and the others were to work on their own designs. I was the correspondent for my group. I am still working with Denby Pottery to design a set, as well as that, I have ambitions to create a dinningwear range, including tea towels, aprons, oven mitts etc…

Holly Jones Collaborative Project - researchHolly Jones Collaborative Project - research 2

Although I had all of these ideas, I couldn’t seem to find a way of creating something new, I was stuck at a deadend. That is when the project changed, and I began another route of investigation. Experiences.

xox Much love Holly xox

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